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January 19, 2013

Treatment of constipation is one of the biggest uses of fiber. Constipation is among the most troublesome disorders experienced by a majority of people. Usually, it is caused by lacking of fiber in the diet. So, if you suffer from constipation, you might have to include fibers in your diet on a regular basis. On the other hand, other conditions which occur due to improper movement of bowel may be treated with fiber. There are some good sources of fiber. These include vegetables, whole grains, fruits and beans. All can be taken as substitutes for fiber supplement. But at times, it is believed that food sources may not be adequate in fulfilling the requirement of fiber. If this is the case, the doctor will prescribe several of the best natural fiber supplements in treating severe or chronic constipation. More often than not, these supplements are prescribed during pregnancy. Constipation is a common disorder experienced by pregnant women.

If you suffer from constipation, you can opt for some stool softeners or laxatives which are available in the market. Nutritional supplements must only be used in special cases after consultation with a doctor. The best fiber supplements in the market include brands like Metamucil smooth texture fiber supplement, Citrucel fiber supplement, Konsyl original natural fiber supplement, Benefiber powder fiber supplement and many more. A few of these can be obtained over-the-counter or through prescription. In addition, fibers enhance the metabolism and help in weight loss.

Initially, you may experience bloating, stomachache, gas, flatulence and more upon consumption of these fiber supplements. Thus, it is recommended to take lesser or smaller dose than the prescribed until the supplement will suit you. Moreover, fiber supplements must only be taken in prescribed amounts. This is because excess fiber can be bad for your health and will result to side effects. Side effects of too much fiber are weight gain, stomach disorders and diarrhea.
Even if there are numerous supplements available, it is always best to opt for natural sources of fiber since they have no side effects. Otherwise, you can always look for the best brand of fiber supplement in order to prevent constipation.

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