Neuropathy support formula

March 4, 2013

Not like the traditional supplements or medications, the Neuropathy Support Formula consists of Benfotiamine. This is a special molecular combination of Vitamin B1. The open-ring structure of the molecule will allow it to be easily absorbed into the cell membranes of the consumers.  As a result, there will be faster and more effective relief and management of pain for the sufferers.

Furthermore, the efficacy of the formula is endorsed by some studies of medical research firms.  Based on the International Journal of Clinical Pharmacology Therapy, the potency of benfotiamine far outweighs the traditional supplemental nutrients. It has been observed that common medication for neuropathy disorder makes use of thiamine which is another type of Vitamin B1. When compared to benfotiamine, this type of nutrient is frequently difficult to absorb. Consequently, treatment will be wasted and watered-down.

The use of benfotiamine has little to no side-effects. This makes it a safer and stronger prescription for the patients.  When it comes to actual results, regular dosage of the formula can alleviate pain within a period of three weeks.  Moreover, it is an important treatment for diabetes.  Dealing with diabetic treatment can be stressful for the patient.

Also, the formulation has another Vitamin B variant.  Methycobalamine contributes to the synthesis of protein. It is an alternative to the commonly prescribed cyanocobalamine.  This variant will allow regeneration of nerves. This is a healing process which is deficient in most neuropathy supplements which only deal with pain relief. A patient who follows the commonly prescribed serving of the formulation can have a positive nutritional value. He will also experience nerve repair value of up to 66,664%.

In addition, the inclusion of Stabilized R-Alpha Lipoic Acis (R-ALA) is noted in the formula.  This is popularly recognized as a super antioxidant. This strong-acting antioxidant will help in promoting the proper distribution as well as absorption of glucose in the body. Consequently, there will be regeneration of both nerves and Vitamin B bodies in the system that is affected.

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