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March 4, 2013

Enthusiasm for probiotics has reduced in America. However, fascination in probiotic supplements in increasing.  A few digestive disease experts recommend probiotics for disorders like irritable bowel syndrome which frustrate conventional medicine. Since the middle of the 90’s, clinical studies have established that probiotic therapy can be helpful in treating and preventing vaginal and urinary infections among women, retard the development of allergies in kids and treat some gastrointestinal disorders.

Self-dosing with bacteria is not as peculiar as it appears. Every normal and healthy bowel consists of approximately 100 trillion of microorganisms which represent more than 500 different species. Generally, these microorganisms or microflora will make people sick but are very helpful instead.  Bacteria which dwell in the gut keep pathogens or harmful microorganisms at bay. They also help in digestion, absorption of nutrients and contribute to the function of the immune system.

The best of these probiotic formulas are available in varied forms. But here is a health warning. Be sure that the product has a detailed description at the back of its container. Check what kind of bacterial active culture which has been incorporated into the product. If the product does not have this, there is a possibility that you are drinking something entirely different. You might endanger your health in the process.  Always choose a brand which is reliable with years of known successful service.

Solaray Multidophilus Lactic Flora

Flora Boost Probiotic for Kids

Theralac Probiotic Master Supplement

Innate Response Flora

Yakult Probiotic Drink

GNC Natural Brand – Super Probiotic Complex

Nature’s Way – PrimadophiLus Reuteri

Amerifit Nutrition AZO Cranberry

Fem Dophilus

Danone Activia YogurtPrimadophilus Optima

Amerifit Nutrition – Culturelle HS Probiotic

Dr. Ohhira Probiotics 12 Plus Original Formula 

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