Probiotics for infants

March 4, 2013

The digestive system of an infant is extremely weak. Since the infant’s body has never processed food before, the entire digestive system will need some time to become accustomed to the process. In case the balance of gut flora becomes altered, the child can suffer from thrush, baby colic and other infections similar to it. Though, the mother is on an antibiotic course, her breast milk will lead to imbalance in the ecosystem of the baby.  In this case, probiotics in some form can be beneficial to the baby. Naturally, probiotics are present in pickles, yogurt, cottage cheese and more. But, probiotics can also be formulated in the form of powder or capsules.  Powdered probiotics are considered the best probiotics for kids. They can be combined with other baby food, milk or formula.

As previously mentioned, probiotics can improve the health of the digestive system of the baby. It can also help the health of the baby’s immune system and enhance the overall function of the body. Nonetheless, it is the digestion aiding property of probiotics which can be helpful for babies in combating eczema. Primarily, eczema is an allergic reaction to some foods.  Even if probiotics normally do not prevent such kind of allergy to food, they will surely suppress the allergic response to that certain food item.  As a result, your baby will have fewer rashes or other problems of the skin. Hence, probiotics can somehow make your baby resistant to eczema. Based on a clinical survey, introduction of probiotics particularly lactobacillus reuteri to the diet of your baby can help protect him from eczema reactions for up to four years. Also, the natural probiotic flora of the baby can provide protection up to two years.

GERD or acid reflux is quite common among infants. Babies tend to vomit or regurgitate the food resulting to indigestion.  A common cause of colic among babies is acid reflux.  This can make the babies cry for many hours.  Feeding can become a challenge which will further deteriorate their health. In addition, acid reflux can be responsible for the alteration in the balance of intestinal flora. Similar to antibiotics, acid reflux can reduce the population of useful bacteria present in the gut of the baby. If probiotics especially Bifidobacterium animalis is given to the baby, it can restore the balance of the intestinal flora. Thus, acid reflux in babies is prevented.

Since probiotics consist of immune boosting properties, they can also be capable of protecting the baby from common infections such as flu, colds and many more.  Better digestion because of probiotics can result to good metabolism among babies. Consequently, your baby will not encounter feeding issues and will continue to grow normally. Therefore, probiotics for kids have plenty of advantages.

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