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March 4, 2013

Prohormones are substances which are known as predecessors to hormones. Steroids are organic compounds which have a certain arrangement of four rings that are connected to each other.  Anabolic steroids function as testosterone in increasing the synthesis of proteins in the cells. As a result, there will be accumulation of cellular tissue especially in muscles.  Prohormones are termed as one or several molecules behind a proper hormone.  They can be converted to steroids once they are metabolized by the bodies.  For several years, prohormones have become quite popular among athletes and body builders.  For non medical anabolic steroid users, they have gained increasing acceptance as substances which can be converted to active hormones.

Since time immemorial, steroids and sports go hand in hand.  Steroids have been used by sports enthusiast. They use steroids in order to improve their performance and increase their stamina despite dealing with physical and legal consequences numerous times.  Due to the legal disapproval of steroids among athletes, prohormones serve as alternatives. They provide the benefits of anabolic steroids without the risks of legal hassle. This is where prohormones become advantageous in the perennial conflict between prohormones and steroids.  Nonetheless, the biological superiority of either one over the other is still debated.

The side effects of prohormones are similar to steroids. They completely depend on the user on what kind of side effect he experiences. Generally, prohormones are used to increase the muscle mass or reduce the fat levels of the body. Primarily, they are used by athletes who would like to reduce recovery time, gain lean body mass and enhance their endurance, strength and size.  Nowadays, body builders have shown inclination to prohormones. This is because the results obtained are similar to the use of anabolic steroids. But the results are more gradual.

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