Taurine benefits

March 4, 2013

Taurine is known to be a derivative of L-Methionine.  Majority of the amino acids contain L or D configuration. This means that the molecule when placed in a solution would either rotate towards the left or to the right. Taurine is among the amino-acid-like compounds which is abundant in the nervous system, heart and skeletal muscles.  Furthermore, it is present in the bile as a chenodeoxychloic acid. It serves as an emulsifier of the dietary lipids in the intestine in order to boost digestion.  This is considered to be the scientific meaning of Taurine.  Perhaps, you are interested in knowing the functions of Taurine in the human body.

Taurine has different physiological functions and benefits. Nowadays, all of these actually make it important in the food and health sciences throughout the world.  Listed below are several effects of taurine in the human body.

  • As previously stated, taurine is a metabolic transmitter which has detoxifying effects.  There is a deficiency when the body goes through excessive physical exertion and fails to produce any more taurine.  It is a frequent ingredient in a lot of health drinks. However, research says that it hardly provides any form of energy.  Perhaps, it is added as an ingredient because it enhances the contractility of the heart. It also increases exercise capacity.
  • Taurine is abundant in the dietary supplements of infants. It is needed for babies who are born premature. They lack the enzymes necessary in converting Cystathionine to Cysteine making them deficient in taurine.  Furthermore, it is present in breast milk of a lot of mammals.
  • It has an important role in the brain of humans. According to research, it can be useful to individuals who suffer from bipolar disorder or manic depression.  In several researches, taurine contains an anxiolytic-like effect. It acts as a modulator or as an anti-anxiety agent in the nervous system of humans.  Taurine is found in the developing brain.  However, its concentration will reduce after the development process.
  • In addition, taurine is used in treating heart diseases. It also helps individuals who are suffering from congestive heart failure.  The recommended dose is 3-5 grams on a daily basis. Apart from this, it is also a remedy for high cholesterol and hypertension.
  • Based on studies, the presence of taurine can decrease the level of blood sugar. Thus, it is an effective remedy for diabetes.
  • Moreover, it helps people who suffer from alcohol addiction.  There is a possibility that a big change will occur among alcoholic individuals if one gram of taurine is given three times every day for seven days.

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