Turmeric dosage

March 4, 2013

The dosage of curcumin ranges from taking a capsule several times in a week to taking approximately 6 capsules in a day. This will depend on the condition of the patient. The doctor of the patient should be aware of the high curcumin dosage.  Unlike the other supplement pills, curcumin is not enteric coated. It is simply a regular gelatin capsule.

Users who intend to use curcumin dosage which will go beyond the occasional curry dinners are also advised to use supplements.  According to Sally Frautschy, a doctor in Philosophy, a 900 mg of curcumin capsule may be roughly equated to 5 regular turmeric curry meals.  Aside from the low absorption of curcumin into the bloodstream, another documented problem with this product is that its repeated use is not recommended without food in the stomach. This is because it will result to upset of the stomach if consumed with the stomach empty. In order to maximize its absorption, patients are advised to use curcumin with fatty foods.  This is also ideally used along with fish oil supplement.

Lifetime use of curcumin supplements can significantly prevent colon cancer.  Curcumin has in vitro anticancer effects which will mostly operate through its direct antioxidant effects. In turn, very little amounts of this product will be absorbed in the gut when consumed.

Several studies are underway about in vitro anticancer effects.  A few phase II studies among human beings are conducted for the prevention of colorectal cancer. Most likely, these will show positive effects later on.

Typically, the curcumin dosage for healthy individuals is one 900 mg of curcumin a day.  The curcumin dosage of cancer patients is different. They are advised to take as much as four 900 mg capsules three times a day for a period of 6 to 12 months. As time progresses, dosage of curcumin is reduced.  Patients who suffer from biliary tract obstruction are advised not to use curcumin. It is known to enhance the biliary flow from a person’s liver.  High doses of curcumin should never be consumed on empty stomachs in order to protect against gastric irritation.

Those who are about to undergo major surgery are advised not to use turmeric supplement 2 to 3 weeks before the surgery.  Using turmeric supplement for a long period of time can result to digestive problems. It can potentially cause complications to individuals who have gallbladder diseases.  High doses of turmeric will act as blood thinner. It can lead to stomach upset. Kids are more susceptible to dietary turmeric supplements as well as the side effects of medication.

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