Ubiquinol Benefits

March 4, 2013

Heart health– Adequate amounts can normalize the heart in order to maintain normal blood pressure. High blood pressure can make the heart pump faster. So, proper levels will help in producing the necessary energy in these cases.  Scientists are still conducting research on the validity that it can lessen the risk of heart attacks. CoQ10 can help for the better functioning of the heart while the risk for various heart diseases is surely reduced. In a few studies, those who suffer from hypertension had significant reduction in blood pressure when provided with supplements.

Skin health– Powerful antioxidant properties can be helpful in preventing aging.  It can aid in tissue regeneration as well as removal of dead cells.  It is believed to be useful for the skin when applied externally and internally as well.  For women, a study proved that CoQ10 can improve the skin quality by protecting it from the sun. Actually, it protects the tissues and cells of the skin from degradation. Also, it was found to reduce wrinkles in order to reduce the signs of aging.

Parkinson ’s disease – Numerous current studies have discovered that CoQ10 will not only retard the process of Parkinson’s disease. It will also prevent the elderly from this disease.  Researchers believe that there is an extremely strong possibility that proper levels will reduce the risk of diseases related to age.

Weight Loss- Since CoQ10 is present in every cell of the body, it has a significant role in the metabolism of the body. If our metabolism functions properly, accumulation of fats will less likely occur in the body. This is a major reason for weight gain.  In addition, the supplements are given to individuals suffering from severe metabolic disorders.

Other Benefits – The supplements are known to have a relieving effect to those suffering from migraine. In another study, CoQ10 can be effective in reducing the side effects of cancer treatment. It will help in recovery following cancer surgery.  Many researches found that it can relieve other conditions associated with periodontal diseases, diabetes, asthma and kidney disease.

Even if CoQ10 is considered to be safe, it may have a few side effects. Large doses will cause upset stomach which may be followed by loss of appetite. In several cases, large doses can cause liver damage. Hence, one should consult a doctor and use the supplements in the exact quantity to obtain its benefits.

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