Ubiquinol side effects

March 4, 2013

Coenzyme Q10 is a type of compound which occurs naturally in the cells of our bodies.  The compound helps in energy production which is necessary in performing different biological processes. Deficiency in Coenzyme Q10 or CoQ10 can be uncommon. It can result to decreased levels of energy and impairment of the immune system.  Furthermore, studies show that conventional treatment together with the use of Coenzyme Q10 can improve medical conditions associated with cancer, heart and teeth. There are some side effects associated with the use of CoQ10 even if its benefits promote heart health.  The side effects can be severe particularly in individuals who are allergic to this supplement.

Upset Stomach - In some patients, they may suffer from occasional stomach discomfort caused by Coenzyme Q10.  Typically, stomach upset is marked by poor digestion as well as a burning sensation in the area of the chest.

Diarrhea or Loose Bowel Movement – One of the most common complaints given by those taking these supplements is watery stools.  Although loose fecal matter during bowel evacuation may not be worrisome, it is an indication of digestive problems.

Dizziness or Lightheadedness – This is a sudden feeling of vertigo. Coenzyme Q10 supplements can interfere with the normal levels of blood sugar. It is for this reason that the person will feel as if the surrounding environment is moving around him.  One of the side effects of Coenzyme Q10 is reduction in blood sugar levels. Thus, those who suffer from hypoglycemia or low blood sugar should avoid the use of this supplement.

Nausea – Intake of Coenzyme Q10 can be responsible for the nauseating feeling. It may not be a serious issue, but constant nausea will cause a decrease in appetite.

Sleeping Difficulty – This is another side effect which will deprive the patient of adequate sleep.  Those taking Coenzyme Q10 may have difficulty falling asleep. But in most cases, it can be mild insomnia which is associated with Coenzyme Q10 dose.

Hypersensitivity Reaction – Most likely, patients who are allergic to Coenzyme Q10 will suffer from adverse side effects.  An allergic reaction from a substance will take place when the immune system sees it as harmful. What are the indications of an allergic reaction? In the case of Coenzyme Q10, the individual will have skin rashes on different parts of the body.  Skin problems such as hives can be possible due to allergic reactions. Other adverse effects of Coenzyme Q10 include difficulty in breathing and unexplained swelling on the mouth and face. These will indicate allergy to this supplement.

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